Traditional Seereer Medicine 

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Traditional Seereer medicine is the traditional medicinal practices developed by the Seereer people for several generations and passed down through the ages by one generation to the next. One must be initiated and serves as an apprentice under a learned elder in order to possess the necessary knowledge and skills before establishing their own practice. Seereer medicine include herbal medicine, Seereer spirituality, divination and midwifery. 

1. Traditional Seereer medicine

2. Traditional Seereer healers
    2.1 List of notable Seereer healers (historical and modern era)

3. Seereer healing method (Lup)
    3.1 List of Lup practitioners
         3.1.1 Comparison between the Seereer healing method (Lup) and the Lebou healing method (Ndepp)
         3.1.2 List of Ndepp practitioners

4. List of plants used in Seereer medicine (in Seereer-Siin, Saafi-Saafi, NdutSili-SiliNoonLaalaaFrenchEnglish and their scientific name)
    4.1 How plants are grown and harvested

5. Seereer Medical Associations
    5.1 Le Centre expérimental de médecine traditionnelle de Fatick (CEMETRA) 
    5.2 L'Association des Guérisseurs de Fatick "MALANGO"

6. Scientific research on Seereer medicine

7. The role of Seereer religion in Seereer medicine

8. The role of women in Seereer medicine

9. The role of men in Seereer medicine

"THE SACRED BAOBAB" [in] Lutteuses 47.documentary by  Elena Dalmasso

This video shows "the sacred baobab" tree which figures prominently in Seereer religion and cosmogony as well as in Seereer medicine and day to day dietary needs. 


















Senegambia : Depiction of a baobab tree, ƥaak in Seereer-Siin (1877).

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