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This is a list of articles relating to Seereer history. The list also contains transcripts of our audio and video files. For other categories, for example Seereer religion, culture, medicine, languages and literature, please see our  bank of articlesFor copyright reasons, some of these articles have not been translated. For example articles donated to the Seereer Resource Centre by other authors where a request for translation has been denied or pending. For these articles, the language of origin would be stated next to the article. 


1. Title: "Chosaani Senegambia" (History of Senegambia). 

Part 1: Sohna Chenaba Saar, the Secka family of Senegal and the Battle of Samba Sajo. 

Part 2: The history of Saluum (or Saloum), history of Ama Juuf Jaame and history of the 

Samba family of the Gambia (descendants of Sainey Mbissin Njaay Samba).

2. Title: "Chosaani Senegambia" (History of Senegambia) with El Hadji Demba Lamine Diouf. In this recording,  El Hadji Demba Lamine Diouf narrates the history of Senegambia. He talks about the meaning of the words "Damel" and "Tëën"  (variation: "teeñ" or "teign"). Demba Lamine also discusses the creation of several old villages and towns in the Senegambia region including Lambaye. He also discusses the Battle of Danki (1549) in this recording along as well as the enthronement of  Amary Ngoneh Sobel Faal  (King of Kajor) and Mbegaan Nduur (variation Mbegane Ndour, king of Saluum or Saloum)

3. Title: "Chosaani Senegambia" (History of Senegambia) :  History of Saluum, the genealogy of the royal family of Saluum and history of Ama Juuf Jaame (2nd part) with Jebal Samba.

4. Title: "Chosaani Senegambia" (History of Senegambia) :  History of Banjul with Doctor Lamin Mbye. 

5. Title: "Countdown to Gambian independence" - recorded 17th February 1965 by BBC World Service.

Il s'agit d'une liste d'articles relatifs à l'histoire seereer. La liste contient également les transcriptions de nos fichiers audio et vidéo.  Pour les autres catégories, par exemple religion seereer, la culture, la médecine, les langues et la littérature, s'il vous plaît voir notre banque d'articles. Pour des raisons de droits d'auteur, certains de ces articles ne sont pas traduits. Par exemple, les articles donnés au Centre de ressources seereer par d'autres auteurs où une demande de traduction a été refusé ou en attente. Pour ces articles, la langue d'origine serait déclaré à côté de l'article.


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