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Seereer history is the history of the Seereer people regardless of the language they speak. 

Several parts of Seereer history are linked to Seereer religion. Although the topics or resources listed below attempts to separate them for the purposes of categorisation, they cannot be viewed in isolation. The reader is therefore advised to refer to Seereer religion for a deeper understanding of Seereer history.

For a list of topics/resources relating to various aspects of Seereer history, please scroll down the list below and click on the relevant topic. If there is something you feel we do not have which you would like to see, please contact us.  Some of the videos, audios and images we have are kindly donated by the Seereer community, their friends or individuals/organisations that support our vision. If you have any thing that you think is important to Seereer historical heritage and would like to donate it to us, please get in touch. We accept most things Seereer related in order to expand our historical archive. All we ask is that you are the copyright owner or have the right to pass it on to us.

i. Overview and introduction

Please read the overview and introduction page to Seereer history before reading the articles below. Click here to open the overview and introduction page in a new window.

Seereer history articles

  1. The various theories regarding the etymology of the name "Seereer" or its variations.

2. Archaeological discoveries in Seereer country and the Seereer material culture

3. The lamans and the Lamanic Era (or Lamanic Period)
        3.1 The Council of Lamans (see Lamans)
        3.2 The lamanic families 

4. Seereer medieval history
        4.1 The Seereers of Takrur (or Tekrur)
                  4.1.1 Introduction of Islam in Takrur and the Seereer-Takrurien exodox 
                  4.1.2 Seereer resistance to Islamization from the 11th century
        4.2  Amar Gôdômat (Seereer proper : Ama  Gôdô Maat/Maad)
        4.3  The fall of the Lamanic Era  (see Lamans)
                  4.3.1 List of lamans  (see Lamans)
        4.4  Seereer medieval royalty
                  4.4.1 Seereer paternal dynasties and royal houses
                  4.4.2 Seereer maternal dynasties
                  4.4.3 The coronation of kings (maad) and queens (lingeer)
                     Seereer royal titles 
                  4.4.4 The Seereer kingdoms
                     The Kingdom of Siin
                     The Kingdom of Saluum
                     The Kingdom of Baol (pre 1549)
                      Seereer Country : The meaning of the term and list of Seereer countries
                           The history and origins of Seereer towns and villages (linked to lamans)
  Table of Seereer towns and villages showing the etymology of their names and their founders.

5. Seereer modern history
        5.1 Seereer history (colonial era)  - Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania
                  5.1.1 Seereer resistance to colonialism
                  5.1.2  Relationship between Seereer kings and the colonial authorities
                  5.1.3  The Battle of Logandème (or Battle of Fatick)
       5.2   Seereer resistance to Islamization (against 19th century Muslim Marabouts)
                   5.2.1   The Surprise Attack at Mbin o Ngoor (or Mbin o Ngor)
                   5.2.2   The Battle of Fandane-Thiouthioune (or Battle of Somb)
                   5.2.3   The Battle of Kaymor 
                          The Mayhem at Tahompa 
                   5.2.4   The Battle of Nanjigee
                   5.2.5   The Surprise Attack at Ngaaye
                   5.2.6   The Battle of Naoduru
       5.3   History of Seereer Muslims (converts)
       5.4   History of Seereer Christians (converts)
       5.5   Seereers and the Atlantic Slave Trade
       5.6   Seereer history (post colonial era) -   Senegal, the Gambia and Mauritania
Index of Seereer History

A 19th century Seereer junjung from Siin. 

Maad a Sinig  Maye Koor Juuf (or Mahecor Diouf).

The last king of Siin. Reigned: 1924 - 3 August 1969 (the date of his death). Died at Jaxaaw (Diakhao) - the capital of the pre colonial Kingdom of Siin.

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