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The Seereer Resource Centre provides a range of services and information about all things Seereer. Please click on the relevant service to learn more:

1. Learn to speak Seereer with our easy to read Teach Yourself Seereer-Siin manual accompanied by a CD, or download it in PDF and MP3 format.

2. Learn a Cangin language - select the Cangin language (i.e. Saafi-Saafi, Ndut, Sili-Sili, Noon or Laalaa) you would like to learn with our easy to read Teach Yourself manual and CD. 

3. Interactive language courses in Seereer-Siin, Saafi-Saafi, Ndut, Sili-Sili, Noon and Laalaa

4. Seereer religion (theology) and cosmology - for resources on Seereer religion (a ƭat Roog).

5. Seereer history - resources on Seereer history.

6. Seereer culture - a list of resources about everything related to Seereer culture, from food to sports.

7. Sciences and herbalism - resources on Seereer medicine, traditional healers,  healing methods, plants, etc.

8. The SRC Collection - view our collection of documents, books, scientific papers and artefacts.

9. The Seereer Library is an online library with a list of resources relating to various Seereer topics.

10. Featured books - see our list of featured books covering various Seereer topics.

11. External resources - a comprehensive list of external links ranging from scientific papers on Seereer history and theology, to a list of Seereer bloggers and associations. 

12. Articles - view our bank of articles pertaining to Seereer history, religion, medicine, languages and culture.

13. Publications - are you a scholar or a student undertaking a Master's Degree? If yes help us increase our article bank. We will publish your work on our Website.

14. Your human rights made simple - your Universal Human Rights in a short and easy to understand language. There are also external links to the Declaration of Human Rights in the Seereer-Siin language. 

15. Senegambian genealogical records - free download of our genealogical records for the Gambia and Senegal. 

16. Genealogy directory - checkout our genealogy directory for tips and advice on genealogy research.

17. Events - see our upcoming events e.g. concerts, film screenings and guest speakers. You can also run an event for us in your area and notify us of upcoming events.

18. Online store - checkout our online store for goods and services on offer.

19. Membership - register for free membership with the SRC in order to participate in  forum discussions and enter upcoming events on the Seereer Calendar. Registration is free and comes with other benefits.

20. Forum - connect with the Seereer community and their friends through our forum. 

21. Members area - view the members area by logging in. If you are a new user, create an account.

22. Photo Gallery - a sample of Seereer images covering Seereer history, culture, religion and more.

23. Music and Podcast - free Podcast of our radio programmes. Listen to Seereer music and Seereer artists.  We also have audios on Senegambian history from old Radio Gambia and Radio Senegal's joint program: "Cosaani Senegambia" from the 1970s to the 1980s.

25. Video - our collection of films, documentaries, interviews and  much more.

26. Our charity work  - support our charitable efforts and help us improve the lives of many in Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania.

27. Partnership - are you a school, college,university or organisation wishing to work in partnership with us? If yes, see link for details.

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                              Xoy 2013

"Sénégal-Cérémonie Du Xooy, Reportage intégral" 

This video documentary is about the 2013 Xoy Ceremony held at Fatick in Senegal, on 1 June 2013. The Xoy (Xooy or Khoy) is an annual divination ceremony held by the Seereer high priests and priestesses (called Saltigue).  The annual ceremony takes place every year around May/June in Fatick (a former principality of the Seereer precolonial Kingdom of Siin). The priests are speaking in Seereer Siin. The interpreter is speaking in Wolof. 

1. Neega Mass (uploaded video on 12 June 2013). 

The languages of the Seereer people

{They are all part of the Niger-Congo family, Senegambian languages}

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   Sources:  Multi Tree and  Ethnologue 

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