Noon people

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The Noon people or Seereer Noon are one of the Cangin language speakers, and part of the Seereer ethnic group. Their language is also called Noon. The name Noon probably derives from Seereer Singandum or the Seereer-Siin language  (the language of the Seex people), which in Seereer-Siin means "one whom you resemble" - in order words, an ancestor.[1]

Ibrahima Thiaw writes that: 

"Interestingly, the Sereer Singadum referred to the Sereer Cangin as the 'Noon', which means 'one whom you resemble', in the sense of resembling an ancestor. The assumption is that kin or members of the same lineage always resemble each other either physically or in terms of behaviour. Among the Sereer Singadum, death was sometimes referred to as 'a return to the Noon', the ancestors."[1]

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