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This is a list of all the books we have featured on the Seereer Library. Books are added on the first Sunday of each month. They represent some of the best books on Seereer religion, history, culture, languagesmedicine and literature. The oldest are at the top of the page, the newly featured books are at the bottom. If you would like to recommend a book please click here for details. 

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Title : La femme Seereer

Author : Issa Laye Thiaw

Publisher : Harmattan

Year : September 2005

ISBN :  2-7475-8907-2


Issa Laye Thiaw's must celebrated book is "La femme Seereer" (meaning "the Seereer woman") published by Harmattan. This book addresses the role of women in Seereer society. There is also lots of information about Seereer religion, religious laws and customs. A good book for anyone interested in Seereer religion and culture. Available from the publisher's website.

First featured : Sunday 1 September 2013

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Title :  Histoire du Sine-Saloum

Author : Alioune Sarr 

Contributor : Charles Becker (introduction, bibliographie et notes).

Publisher : [in] Bulletin de l'IFAN, tome 46, série B, nos 3-4.

Year : 1986 - 1987


                                                                       Not a book but a rather important document.  Alioune Sarr's work is one of the leading works on Seereer medieval history. There are lots of information about the formation of towns and villages, the Guelwar dynasty of Siin and Saluum and the battles that had ravaged Seereer country from the middle ages to the 19th century religious wars. This paper does not however go deeper into the Lamanic Era, but merely touches on the end of the Lamanic Era and the establishment of the Guelwar Dynasty. It also does not cover the Wagadou Dynastic period (predecessors of the Guelowar) in detail. However, not only is it one of the leading works, but the dates provided are more accurate and are regarded as the general consensus. 

First featured : Sunday 1 December 2013

Abbreviated  version available online for your free download, [in] Horizon Documentation  and [in] UCAD (History Department) (last retrieved: 13 July 2013). 


Title : Morphologie du verbe sérère

Author : Souleyeman Faye

Contributor : Centre de linguistique appliquée de Dakar

Publisher : Centre de linguistique appliquée de Dakar

Year : 1982

Notes :

This book by Professor Souleymane Faye (professor of Linguistics at University of Cheikh Anta Diop) deals with the Morphology of Seereer verbs.  A resourceful book for any one interested in learning the Seereer-Siin language or for Seereer -Siin language scholars. 

First featured : Sunday 2 March 2014

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Title :  La civilisation Sereer : pangool

Author : Henry Gravrand

Publisher :  Les Nouvelles Éditions Africaines du Sénégal (N.E.A.S)

Year : 1990

ISBN : ISBN 2-7236-1055-1

Notes :

This is the second volume of Henry Gravrand's "La civilisation Sereer." The first volume being "La civilisation Sereer : Cosaan, les origines" published in 1983. Whilst "Cosaan" mainly deals with Seereer history, "pangool" deals with Seereer religion, legends, creation narrative, Seereer representation of the universe, the ndut rite of passage, some of the Seereer "pangool" (saints or ancestral spiritsand religious dances.

 Henry Gravrand spent years interviewing Seereer elders versed in orthodox Seereer religion, and some parts of this book are verbatim quotes from Seereer hermeneutics. Some of these Seereer elders included John Ballo Diouf and Armand Diouf from Ndimaag.  This book would be useful to those interested in learning more about the Seereer religious beliefs.

First featured : Sunday 1 June 2014

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Title : Mort et naissance : Le monde Sereer

Author : Louis Diène Faye

Publisher : Les Nouvelles Édition Africaines

Year : 1983

ISBN :  2-7236-0868-9 


One of the best known work by the anthropologist Louise Diène Faye is "Mort et naissance : Le monde Sereer" published by Le Nouvelles Édition Africaines.

For those interested in Seereer religious custom especially Seereer mummification, the afterlife (jaaniiw), Seereer tumuli, religious dances and the role of the Seereer priestly class (Saltigue), this book is a good read. Along with the religious aspects of the treatment of the dead, the book also details cultural aspects like birth in Seereer society.  There is some historical background information especially in relation to the Seereer royal families, in particular the Guelowar Dynastic Period. The book is mainly in French and Seereer-Siin.

First featured : Sunday 6 October 2013

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Title : Sagesse sereer. Essais sur la pensée sereer ndut.

Author : Marguerite Dupire

Publisher : Karthala

Year : 1994

ISBN :  2-86537-487-4


In this book, the ethnologist Marguerite Dupire provide lots of material on the Seereer-Ndut belief system. There is lots of information about their rite of passage, their maternal clans, totems, reincarnation and their treatment of the dead. This is a good book for anyone interested in Ndut culture and religious practices. Available from the publisher's website.

First featured : Sunday 3 November 2013

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Title : L'appel du ndut: ou L'initiation des garçons seereer

Author : Salif Dione

Publisher : IFAN/Enda Editions (Dakar)

Year : 2004

ISBN : 92 9130 0470


This book by Salif Dione (a scholar of Seereer religion and culture) covers various aspects of Seereer rite of passage (the Ndut). This book is specifically about the ndut initiation rite and covers aspects of ndut classical teachings, including philosophy, symbolism and ndut songs. This book is one of the leading educational materials on the ndut rite of passage. 

First featured : Sunday 5 January 2014

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Title : The African Origin of Civilization : Myth or Reality 

Author : Cheikh Anta Diop, 

Publisher :  L. Hill   

Year : 1974

ISBN : 1-55652-072-7

Notes :

This book by Professor Cheikh Anta Diop provides a contrastive view that Ancient Egypt was once a Black Civilisation. From a Seereer perspective, there is several references to Seereer history and religion including Seereer tombs building and mummification culture within the Senegambia region and the parallels with Ancient Egypt. This book has been republished several times. 

First featured : Sunday 6 April 2014

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Title : Maad a sinig: Kumba Ndoofeen fa Maak JUUF (Buka-Cilaas), 1853-1871 
Author : Babacar Sedikh Diouf 
Publisher : PAPF
Year :  1987 

Notes :

This book is written in Seereer-Siin by the scholar Babacar Sedikh Diouf. It is a short biography of the king of Siin - Maad a Sinig Kumba Ndoofeen fa Maak JUUF also known as Buka-Cilaas, who ruled from 1853 to 1871. For those of you who can read Seereer and interested in this enigmatic Seereer king, you will certainly find it a good read. This is a historical and biographical account of the king, the two threats that landed on his kingdom (French colonialism and Maba Jaxu's desire to propagate Islam) and how he responded to it. 

First featured : Sunday 6 July 2014

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Title : Islam and Imperialism in Senegal : Sine-Saloum, 1847-1914
Author : Martin A. Klein
Publisher : Edinburgh University Press

Year : 1968

ISBN : 85224 029 5


This book by Martin A. Klein covers the political and economic changes of the Seereer kingdom of Siin and Saloum from 1847 to 1914. The book addresses the wars that have ravaged the Seereer states, the role of the Muslim marabouts in these wars, the struggle for power between the Seereer kings and the impact of French colonial expansion and policies in Senegal (including the Seereer states).

First featured : Sunday 2 February 2014

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Title  Introduction aux religions d'Afrique noire

Author : Lilyan Kesteloot

Publisher : IFAN - NEAS (Dakar)

Year : 2006

Notes :

This book by Professor  Lilyan Kesteloot (or  Lilyan Fongang) is a good read for anyone interested in Traditional African religions including the Seereer  religion. 

First featured : Sunday 4 May 2014

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