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Kumba Ndoofeen fa Maak Juuf [1]  was a King of Siin [2] who ruled from 1853 to August 1971 (Klein, 1969, p.xv & 106). Maad a Sinig is a Seereer term meaning King of Siin (African Economic History, vol. 25, p. 36). The King of Saluum [3] is referred to as Maad a Saluum or Maad Saluum (D'Angelo, 2013, p. 44). Kumba Ndoofeen’s father was Souka Ndella (Diouf, 1972, p.722-30) whose grandfather Semou Njekeh [4] (Diouf, 1972, p.722-30) is immortalised in the cult of Tagdiam (Gravrand, 1990, p. 35).

On 18th May 1859 at the Battle of Logandème [5] (Diouf, 2005; Klein, 1968, p. 55-7 [6]), Maad a Sinig Kumba Ndoofeen fa Maak was engaged in a resistance battle against French colonial rule (Diouf, 2005; Klein, 1968, p.55-7). Kumba Ndoofeen was defeated by the French forces and after his defeat, Louis Faidherbe, the then French governor of Senegal ordered his troops to burn Fatick and its surrounding villages to the ground (Klein, 1969, p. 57).

On 18th July 1867, Maad a Sinig Kumba Ndoofeen fa Maak fought against the Muslim Marabout Maba Jaxu at the Battle of Fandane-Thiouthioune also known as the Battle of Somb (Sarr, 1986-7, PDF print, p.37-9; Diouf, 1972, p.727-9). The King of Siin was victorious and Maba Jaxu was killed in that battle (Sarr, 1986-7, PDF print, p.37-9; Diouf, 1972, p.727-9; Diagne, 1967. p. 94).


[1] There are several spelling variations of his name including :  Coumba N'Doffène Famak Diouf and Coumba N'Doffène Diouf. Kumba Ndoofeen fa Maak Juuf is the spelling of his name in Seereer-Siin.

[2] The Kingdom of Siin (following its Seereer spelling) is also spelled Sine or Sin.

[3] Saluum (following its spelling in Seereer-Siin) is also spelled Saloum.

[4] There are several spelling variations of his name including Semou Djiké Diouf or Sémou Djiké Diouf.

[5] In French scholarly papers, that battle is also referred to as the Battle of Fatick.

[6] Klein (1968) made an error in page 56. Instead of May he wrote March. For the exact date of the Battle see Diouf (2005).



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