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Download Teach Yourself Seereer-Siin (French to Seereer-Siin)


You have selected French as your source language

You have selected French as your source language which means that you are a French speaker who wants to learn Seereer-Siin and very shortly you will be able to download the book and CD in French and Seereer-Siin. If you want to download these files in English and Seereer-Siin please click here.

This Teach Yourself Seereer material is a joint effort between the Seereer Resource Centre and the Seereer Department of Centre de Linguistique Appliquée de Dakar (CLAD). Our language material comes with an easy to read and follow text in PDF format and MP3 audio file to help with pronunciation. The course contains X audio minutes of well structured Seereer lessons divided into X easy to follow lessons. They are available in English to Seereer-Siin and French to Seereer-Siin. When you download these files, you can save them on your computer and refer to them as often as you like. With our "self download", you don't have to wait for the postman to deliver the text book and CD, you don't have to pay for postage and you can start learning Seereer straight away.

After you've checked out and made payment with PayPay via their safe and secure SSL encrypted payment processing system, you will be re-directed to a special page on our Website where you will be able to download your files. To open a PDF file you will first need to install a PDF reader program on your computer. You can download it for free here then come back to our Website to continue your purchase. For the MP3 audio file, you wil first have to install an application on your computer in order to listen to it. Realplayer can open most audio and video files. You can download your free copy here (select their basic package which is free, note that you may need to register your email address) then come back to our Website to continue your purchase. If you have any problem or need any assistance please contact us.

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