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The SRC's goal is always to meet and exceed the needs of our users.  To do that, we need the  feedback of our users. If you have used any of our services before, we would be grateful if you could provide a testimonial by clicking on "Submit a Testimonial!" (below). We welcome all comments, positive or negative. 

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L’objectif du CRS (SRC) est de toujours satisfaire le besoin des clients et d’aller même au delà. Pour cela, nous avons besoin des réactions de nos clients. Si vous avez utilisé une de nos services avant, nous serions reconnaissant si vous pouviez fournir un témoignage en cliquant sur "Submit a Testimonial!" (En bas). Nous accueillons tous commentaires qu’ils soient positifs ou négatifs.

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seereer a Sinig : Seede ke

Ke taxna nGel ne inu refu o begalaa wena ndokaa no sit ne boo kuuda mbugna teen nda mbaago njegin. No keene koy kaa i soxla seede no wenaa njikraa fa in. a refanga ee nu mosa njikir fa in, xan i sawar lool no seede nuun, nu mbugangaa seede koy cux yo "Submit a Testimonial!" (mbamir). I na nangilwaa a yiif nuun no ke i mbi’aa ta ref ee kaa nu nga’ teen kaa faaxna mbaa kaa bonna.

Njookoo njal no tontax ke nuun

Quotes Bonjour Je suis tellement ému par le travail pharaonique que vous etes entrain de faire que les mots me manquent pour vous dire merci .J'ajoute ceci en sine-sine:YASAM PANGOL KE FOU DAN FAX WA NDAMTA NUN BO ROOG MAD A GUENOKHA NUN FU BASIL NUN. Quotes
Doudou Diouf

Quotes As a seereer who is determined to do everything in his means to keep our culture and nation live and strong, I am very proud and elated to see that their are others who are as committed to this cause as I see myself to be. You can count on me for contributing within my limited capacity to the success of the SRC. Njooko a Njal, Amiin Roog sen fo Pangol ke a yoono fo nuun to a mbokto nuun no gen nu mbia. Quotes

Quotes Because of your great resources on Seereer history I was able to pass my exam. I can't thank you enough. Quotes
Marie Ndour
Seereer history

Quotes I love these guys! As an African-American looking to understand the spiritualities of West African peoples(my ancestors,)I found their sources on A ƭat Roog to be extremely useful. Not only that, but they're also very true to their word about responding to emails, providing you with more information if the website doesn't have what you're looking for. Their service is AMAZING! Quotes
Jonathan Bromley
Seereer Religion

Quotes Hurrah! In the end I found a website where I am able to actually obtain valuable information regarding my study and knowledge. Quotes
Seereer History

Quotes I am really thankful to the owner of this web page. Quotes
Seereer History and Religion

Quotes The Seereer Resource Centre, Preserving Seereer heritage for future generations. I should be the first one confirm that The Seereer Resource Centre is very helpful and important indeed. As it's team are very easy to get in touch with and ready to preserve and spread the Seereer heritage for future generations. Keep up the Good work. Roog is here for you guys. Bravo! May Roog / God / Allah be with you always. Quotes
Abdoulie Joof
Seereer religion

Quotes Thank you for another great post. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect way of writing? I have a presentation next week, and Im on the look for such information. Quotes

Quotes The Seereer cultural event was amazing. Keep it up guys. Quotes
Alieu Secka
Seereer culture

Quotes Axega i and cossaan in ñowand sereer wetandoxa cossaan afaaxa na inwe ndefna kobale Quotes
Modu Ngom
Seereer culture and history