Welcome to the SRC forum

Hello and welcome to the SRC forum. The purpose of this forum is to connect, network and exchange ideas about anything and everything Seereer. You don't have to be a Seereer to participate in this forum, we welcome everyone.

The forum is divided into 8 headings:

  1. General Discussion : Here you can discuss anything you like.
  2. History : Here you can discuss anything relating to Seereer and/or Senegambian history.
  3. Culture : This is the place to discuss Seereer culture, for example, marriage, birth and death in Seereer society. It is also the place to discuss wider                               Senegambian culture.
  4. Health : Here you can discuss anything relating to Seereer health, Seereer medicine or the wider health system in Senegal, the Gambia and Mauritania. 
  5. Religious Discussion : Here you can discuss anything relation to religion e.g. Seereer religion, Islam, Christianity, etc.
  6. Politics : Here you can discuss anything relating to politics. 
  7. Education : This is the place to discuss Seereer education, the wider education system in Senegal, the Gambia and Mauritania. 
  8. Academia : This page is regularly updated with a list of topics relevant to Seereer history and culture. In this heading and sub-headings, we invite members of the community to chose any of the topics listed and write an article about it in the form of a scholarly paper in accordance with our criteria. Please read the criteria very carefully before writing any article. Members of the community can also post on  this page any Seereer subject they want to see an article on. Our writers are called "scholars". These scholars research the subject, write the article with reliable and verifiable references in a neutral and encyclopedic style. The article is reviewed, and if it passes, it is added to our bank of scholarly articles. Once the article has been passed, the requested page is marked "completed" by Admin. Writers are given full credit for their work. The names of our writers are listed on our Board of Scholars and the best work voted for by the community each month becomes a featured article in the SRC's home pages, with a direct link to the article. 

Forum discussions can sometimes get very heated, but please try to remain calm. Respect other people's opinions and beliefs and refrain from using profanity or attacking someone on grounds of gender, religious beliefs, race, ethnicity, etc. Repeat offenders will be barred from using this forum, please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As a community member, you can flag any post that you feel contains profanity. After a post has been flagged quite a number of times, the post will no longer be visible on the forum.  This ensures that the community is policing itself just incase the Administrator misses something. We however advise against "drive-by-flagging"  (flagging for the sake of it just because you can). This disrupts the flow of conversation and it does not feel nice for the person whose posts are being flagged unjustifiably. Please use the flagging feature fairly and responsibly. 

If you need any assistance, please contact the Administrator of this forum.  If you want to announce an upcoming Seereer related event, please enter it in the Seereer Calendar.

Thank you. 

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