The deadly Ebola virus disease found in West Africa

Posted by The Seereer Resource Centre on April 3, 2014 at 7:00 PM

The deadly and easily transmittable Ebola virus disease has penetrated the West African country of Guinea and neighbouring countries like Sierra Leone and Liberia. It is quite possible that this deadly disease could be transmitted to other West African countries.

Ebola can cause a slow and painful death. The symptoms can include fever, vomiting blood, diarrhoea and internal and external bleeding. Ebola is easily transmittable unless one takes all the necessary precautions to protect oneself. It can be transmitted "by direct contact with infected blood, bodily fluids or organs, or indirectly through contact with contaminated environments." Close personal contact, for example standing or sitting next to an infected person without full body protection gear (including masks), touching or shaking their hands may also cause transmission of the virus. "Even funerals of Ebola victims can be a risk, if mourners have direct contact with the body of the deceased."  Some doctors and nurses in Guinea have also been infected. The best way to prevent this deadly disease from spreading rapidly is to totally isolate the infected person in an isolation unit.

Please avoid travelling to these countries until further notice. There is great concern that this disease could spread to other parts of West Africa. At present, all we know is the reported cases in these countries. However, due to the nature this disease is transmitted, it is quite possible that other infected persons have not yet shown the symptoms and are yet to find out that they’ve got the disease.

Senegal has closed its border with Guinea, and Youssou N'Dour who was due to perform in Conakry (Guinea’s capital) cancelled his concert last week saying "it was not a good idea to bring hundreds or thousands of people together in an enclosed area."

Please stay safe and share this with your friends and family, and everyone you know.


For more about this story, see the BBC : "Why Ebola is so dangerous"

For more information about the Ebola virus disease and how to protect yourself, visit the following external websites:

1. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) : "Guinea: Mobilisation against an unprecedented Ebola epidemic"


2. World Health Organization : "Ebola virus disease"


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