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Teach Yourself Seereer-Siin


This Teach Yourself Seereer material is a joint effort between the Seereer Resource Centre and the Seereer Department of Centre de Linguistique Appliquée de Dakar (CLAD). Our language material comes with an easy to read and follow text book and a CD to help with pronunciation. The course contains X audio minutes of well structured Seereer lessons divided into X easy to follow lessons. They are available in English to Seereer-Siin and French to Seereer-Siin .   Please scroll down to select your source language when ordering, for example: English to Seereer-Siin  (for those who speak English and wants to learn Seereer) or French to Seereer-Siin  (for those who speak French and wants to learn Seereer). If you are buying in bulk, please  contact us first for a proper quote on postage and bulk discounts. 

If you prefer the feel of a book to reading from a computer screen, and a CD to a computer file, then our text book and CD is the right option for you. 

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